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Lalaine B. Genon

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Causes of Dropouts of the College Students of the Philippine Normal University Agusan Campus SY 1999-2002

Lalaine B. Genon


          It was the purpose of this research to find out the causes of dropouts among the college students of the Philippine Normal University during the school years 1999-2000, 2000-2001 and 2001-2002. Specifically, this study attempted to answer the following questions:

Statement of the Problem

1. What is the rate of dropouts of college students of PNU, Agusan per semester?

2. How can the rate be used in predicting the possible number of dropouts for the coming semester?

3. What are the causes of dropouts among the college students of PNU-AC during the school years 1999-2002;

4. In what year level did most of the dropouts register during the school year 1999-2002;

5. In what month(s) per semester where the cases of dropouts at highest during the 3-years period; and

What recommendations can be addressed to the school administration to minimize cases of dropouts.


         The hypotheses formulated for this study are as follows:

1. Dropping out of students from the PNU-Agusan Campus during the school years 1999-2000, 2000-2001 and 2001-2002, are due to the following reasons:

a. financial problem

b. health problem

not their desired course taken

2. Economic is a major reasons for the students withdrawals from the university.


       The researcher used, the ex-post facto descriptive type of research. The documents and records, which were utilized to answer the question involved in study, were the following: Report on enrolment, List of dropouts by semester, STU Form and Application for dropping.

       The respondents are the student who officially and unofficially dropped their studies within the 3-year period. Linear regression and correlation were used for purpose of predicting the possible number of dropouts for the next semester/year.


        Based from the findings in this study, it was found out that among the causes of dropouts of the college students of Philippine Normal University, Agusan Campus was financial problem. The highest case were children whose parents were farmers. This fact indicates that the farmers’ children were forced to withdraw from their studies because of financial difficulties.

         The income from farming is not enough to provide for the needs of their students especially that more number of parents of the college dropouts are tenants. The distance from the university and the daily needs cannot be supported by their parents, that is why students were forced to drop from their studies.

         With these 33 cases of registered dropouts data showed that in every semester the dropouts were less than 10 students, which means they are still manageable. The number of students who filed authorized withdrawal may not yet be alarming.


        Based on the findings and conclusions, the following recommendations are hereby offered:

  1. Since foremost among the reasons for the dropping out of students is financial in nature, priority for the employment of student-assistants in the University be given to the students whose parents’ income are not fixed and so with those living in far-flung areas. 
  2. Teachers assigned to do personal interview during the recruitment period should look into some considerations like the student’s family background and distance of the place of residence of students and course preference. Such information about the students be submitted to the office of the registrar, the guidance office to become ready pool of information in the giving of student assistance, scholarship grants, and the like, so as that help be addressed to the needy.
  3. Upon filling-up of application for dropping, said students be referred to the guidance counselor first for counseling and in order to find ways and means of helping them. 
  4. The signature of the Guidance Counselor should be a part of the application for dropping Form and should be made to sign first before the student concerned go to the respective instructors. This will ensure that necessary steps be done first to help the students before finally drops.
  5. The Administration should seek from other government and non-government agencies for more slots of scholarship grants offered to poor but deserving students.
  6. Parents should also be made aware of the problems as it begins to ensure, so that financial backing from them be properly attended to.
  7. Since first year has the most number of dropouts, teachers should motivate and encourage students to pursue their course through career plans and counseling since most of these students are still immature and they are not yet sure of the career they have to pursue.
  8. Teacher assigned in Personality Education courses are made to help the Advisers and the Guidance Counselor in molding more effective personality of the students.


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