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Lead Story Headline

Secondary Story Headline

This story can fit 75-125 words.

Your headline is an important part of the newsletter and should be considered carefully.

In a few words, it should accurately represent the contents of the story and draw readers into the story. Develop the headline before you write the story. This way, the headline will help you keep the

story focused.

Examples of possible headlines include Product Wins Industry Award, New Product Can Save You Time!, Membership Drive Exceeds Goals, and New Office Opens Near You.


Stardust returns - with comet dust!(Randy Russell)
News story originally written on January 11, 2006

spacecraft is coming back to Earth after a long mission. The spacecraft is named Stardust. Stardust went on a journey to a comet. The trip lasted 7 years!

Stardust grabbed some pieces of dust from the comet it flew by. It is bringing that dust back to Earth. Scientists will study the dust to learn more about comets. Stardust flew by a comet named Wild 2. It took some really great pictures of the comet.

Stardust put the dust it grabbed into a capsule. The capsule will land on Earth on January 15, 2006. It will land in the desert in Utah. Scientists will get the dust from the capsule so they can study it. Nobody has ever been to a comet. This is the first time stuff from a comet has been brought back to Earth. Scientists are excited to get their first chance to look at comet "stuff" up close. They think they will learn a lot about comets from the dust!